Pay As You Go Plan

Stay connected with friends and family with a price that’s right for you.

Just pay for what you use. No monthly payments. No hidden fees. If you talk and text just a little, this plan is perfect for you.

Pay As You Go gives you three convenient options.

With our $1.99 Unlimited Talk Daily option, just pay $1.99 for each day you talk on your phone. Talk all you want on the days you choose and pay only 2¢ per text.

With our 99¢ Daily option, just pay 99¢ for each day you talk on your phone. Enjoy unlimited calling to Verizon Wireless customers, and pay 10¢/minute for all other calls. This choice is perfect for calling a few days each month.

With our Per Minute option, just pay 25¢/minute. This choice is perfect for infrequent calling.

Prepaid Pay As You Go Plans
Daily Plans Per Minute
Access $1.99 99¢
Mobile to Mobile Calling*
(with Verizon Wireless customers)
Anytime Minutes* UNLIMITED 10¢ 25¢
Text/Picture Messaging* 2¢ / 25¢ 10¢ / 25¢ 20¢ / 25¢
Mobile Web 99¢ / day 99¢ / day 99¢ / day

*Voice rates are per minute. Messaging rates are per message sent (per recipient) or received.

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