Prepaid $50 Unlimited

Our most popular plan gives you what you want, for the right price.

Bang meets buck with our Unlimited Talk, Text & Web. This plan makes the most of your budget especially for big talkers and texters.

Prepaid $50 Unlimited
Access $50
Anytime Minutes UNLIMITED
Mobile to Mobile Calling
(with Verizon Wireless customers)
Text / Picture Messaging UNLIMITED

Manage your account fast and easily

Simply pay your $50 plan fee each month no later than 11:59 p.m. prior to your renewal date. Your renewal date is the same day each month and starts 30 days from when you sign up.

Save time and avoid missing a payment by adding extra money to your account. You can add up to two months in advance or add just a little starting at $15 to have room in your budget for extras like ringback tones. Add money to your account on your phone or the Web, at a Verizon Wireless store, or with Auto Pay, any major debit or credit card or Refill Card. If you do miss a payment your account is still active but you will pay overage rates.

If you do add extra money to your account, be aware of expiration dates:

  • Pay $15 – $29.99 and use it for 30 days
  • Pay $30 – $74.99 and use it for 60 days
  • Pay $75 – $99.99 and use it for 90 days
  • Pay $100 or more and use it with a year

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