Prepaid $80 Plan

Get the Power of Smartphones with No Annual Contract.

Our Prepaid $80 Smartphone Plan offers Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text and 1GB Data. Talk and text on—the—go, watch videos, download your favorite apps and surf the web with 3G connectivity on America’s Most Reliable High—speed Wireless network.

Get it now and save with Free Activation.

Simply pay $80 upfront to enjoy unlimited talk, messaging and 1GB of data on your prepaid 3G smartphone plan. If you go over  your 1GB allowance in those 30 days, just pay 5¢ per MB. You can renew your prepaid smartphone plan  for another 30 days by paying the plan rate prior to your  monthly renewal date.

Save time by adding extra money to your account. You can add up to 1 month in advance, or purchase extras like ringback tones or VZ Navigator.

If you do add extra money to your account, here are the expiration dates once it’s added to your account:

  • Pay $15 – $29.99 and use it for 30 days
  • Pay $30 – $74.99 and use it for 60 days
  • Pay $75 – $99.99 and use it for 90 days
  • Pay $100 or more and use it for a year

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