Prepaid Jetpack

Create your own mobile hotspot virtually anywhere!
Connect up to five Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

When you choose a Prepaid Mobile Broadband plan, you can connect to the Web without an annual contract. Just connect your laptop, tablet or e-reader to your Verizon Jetpack and you’re good to go.

Get It Now and Save with Free Activation.

Keep it simple with our weekly or monthly pricing options
and only renew when you need to!

With a Prepaid Mobile Broadband plan, there’s no activation fee, no monthly bills, no reconnection or overage fees. Just choose a plan option and pay in advance. It’s that simple.

Prepaid Mobile Broadband Plans for 4G LTE Jetpack
Weekly Monthly Monthly
Access Fee $15 $60 $90
Data Allowance 250MB 3GB 10GB
No activation or reconnection fees and no overage charges!

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