Share Everything Options for Data Devices

This plan is for:

  • Tablets, USB Modems or Verizon Jetpacks on individual plans, or sharing with other Data Devices.
    If your account includes a phone, you must choose one of the options above.

Share Everything optiosn for data devices


Please visit one of our stores for details. Let one of our sales associates help you determine how much data you need and which plan is right for you!

Need more than 10GB of data? Add 2GB for $10/month by logging in to My Verizon.
Data overage is $15 per 1 GB of data if you go over your plan allowance. You can set limits on data usage with Usage Controls (see store for details).
An account with 2 Smartphones and 1 Basic phone sharing a monthly allowance of unlimited talk,unlimited text and 4GB of data would cost $180 per month, not including taxes and surcharges.